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UCI’s Strategic Plan – “Bright Past, Brilliant Future”


UCI’s strategic plan sets forth an ambitious path to reach new heights of excellence and social impact. Based on four strategic pillars, we have a clear direction into the foreseeable future that echoes the promise of our university’s founding mission. We will mobilize knowledge, we will serve the people, and we will educate the best and brightest.

UCI’s strategic plan and vision sets out a bold road map for growth and expansion, while being mindful of the need to develop new models of financial sustainability. It builds on UCI’s strengths to make our university even better. It was developed with extensive participation by the university community, reflecting our fundamental commitment to shared governance, and honors the spirit of all those who contributed to our culture of innovation and excellence. It intends to meet the expectations of those who participate in the life of this great institution, based on four strategic pillars.

In UCI’s short existence, its scholars have made groundbreaking contributions in many areas of research – contributions that have changed both how we look at the world and how we act in the world. Professor F. Sherwood Rowland’s Nobel Prize-winning exploration of the dangers of chlorofluorocarbon use, which ultimately led to the worldwide ban on CFCs and inspired national and global scientific inquiry into the effects of mankind’s actions on our living planet, is one example of UCI’s research leadership. The challenges facing our region and our world are many and complex. UCI must expand in strategic areas to meet societal needs and the evolving interests of our students.

In the 50 years since UCI’s founding, public policy toward higher education has gradually changed. Significant decreases in state support have led to a new financial reality for the UC system. In order to accomplish our goals in this new environment and realize the ambitious vision outlined above, UCI needs to ensure its strong financial footing, mobilize community support, promote staff engagement with our mission, and develop creative plans to establish an infrastructure that will support us moving forward.

Valerie Jenness Professor in the Department of Criminology, Law and Society and in the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).