Professor at UCI - Department of Criminology, Law & Society


February 15, 2018 12:05 pm - 1:15 pm

UC Irvine School of Law, LAW 3500

401 East Peltason Drive


Organized By

Center for Biotechnology & Global Health Policy

This year, the Center for Biotechnology & Global Health Policy will host conversations that explore the rise in hate speech and hate crimes in the United States. This academic year marks important milestones for these conversations, starting with the notorious 1927 United States Supreme Court case Buck v. Bell, which officially and legally launched the horrific practice of eugenics in the United States. Although eugenics was implemented in some states for as many as 20 years by that time, this shocking Supreme Court decision legalized the practice, opening the door for tens of thousands of poor Americans to be forcibly sterilized. Twenty years later, the trial of Nazi doctors who performed horrific atrocities on innocent people, leading to sterilizations, deaths, and the maiming of children, women, and men, began in Nuremberg.  Indeed, one line of defense used in the trials was that the doctors who participated in eugenics sterilizations did nothing different than what was occurring in the United States.

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