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Hate Crime Details – Valerie Jenness

  Hate Crime Details – Valerie Jenness   To put it in the most intelligible form, hate crime is a prejudice-based crime which is often violent. It is tagged “hate” crime because it is believed to be done out of hatred for the victim. But in reality,... read more

President Obama’s Reforms of the Prison System

President Obama’s Reforms   President Obama’s Reforms of the Prison System With some of the changes in recent decades of the prison system in the United States, there have been many calls to reform the system as we know it. President Barack Obama has decided to... read more

Studying Social Ecology and Criminology at UC Irvine

Criminology is a scientific study of crime, criminal behavior, criminals, and corrections. It studies the prevention of crimes as well as society’s response to violent crimes. It traverses the examination of evidence, psychological causes of crime, conviction... read more

Making Hate A Crime: Valerie Jenness

Making Hate A Crime: From Social Movement to Law Enforcement by Valerie Jenness      Making Hate a Crime is the first book to trace the emergence and development of hate crime as a concept, illustrating how it has become institutionalized as a social fact... read more